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Last Updated on : Wed, Jan 31, 2007
This website is for everyone who attended the Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro (EARJ), and specifically members of the Class of '85.

It's been 26 (!) years later and we find alumni scattered all over the world. Many thanks to Bruce Stirling's EA Alumni Site for inspiring us and for creating a place on the Web for all of us. An additional thank you to everyone that submitted photos and information to make this site possible.

Here you will be able to quickly glance through a list of e-mail addresses, view information on individual classmates, "matar a saudade" with photographs, view members websites and much more.

Please help us in keeping this site updated. You can add or edit your information by filling out this online form.

Should you have any suggestions, questions or comments you can email me directly at EngelMD@aol.com. Meanwhile take a look around and enjoy the memories.

Um abraço,

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Adriana Martins, Inês Correia, Rodrigo Nazzari

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São Paulo get together, EARJ Big 4 1985, Graded Big 4 1984, Fashion Show, Graduation Ball, Mark Harvey's Family

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Fifth Grade, Seventh Grade, Renata at EARJ, Stelleo at World Cup, Carlão's New Misc, Bruce Missagia, Fernando's Kids 2, Fernando Paragliding in Rio, Pablo Kato, Carioca é...

Sampa II, Soccer Tryouts, Where in The World Is Carlão?, Diana's Family, Jorge's Daughter's, Mike Florez , Galera em Sampa , Renata , Mark Harvey , Leblon Antigo, Leblon Antigo 2 ,