William Patrick Bailey

Name William Bailey
Nickname Bill
Address Washington, DC
Phone (h) 202 362-2142 (w) 202 944-6871
Fax 202 944-8125
e-mail williambailey@verizon.net
URL www.intelsat.com
Occupation Regional Director
Intelsat USA
Years at EA 2 - from 11th Grade to 12th Grade
School activities N/A, too busy surfing
When you left Rio/EA July/August 1985
Most memorable experience at EA All two years were memorable! I had an increadible time at EA, and in
What you did the summer after graduation Left Rio right after graduation and went to Davis, California to start my college years. After one year, I moved to Washington DC were I continued my studies. 16 years later I'm still in DC. Amazing how times flies.
What Have You been Up to: Having loads of fun! With some work in between.
Marital status single
Children Not yet....
Other Great idea, particularly for a class without an year book
College/University attended American Universtiy, Washington DC.
Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC.