Rodrigo Roy Nazzari

Rodrigo Roy Nazzari

Rodrigo Roy Nazzari
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Rodrigo Roy Nazzari

Rodrigo Roy Nazzari


Rodrigo Roy Nazzari

Address Stade, Germany
Lagos, Nigeria

H: +49 4141 61434
W: +234 1 775 6281



Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (Nigeria) Limited
Managing Director

Years at EA 1 (From: 9th Grade - To: 9th Grade)
School activities
When you left Rio/EA 1982
Most memorable experience at EA

Hanging out with great friends and doing what teenagers usually do..

What you did the summer after graduation Moved to California (Bay Area) and finished High School. After graduating from UCSB, travelled to Central America with some friends and then returned to Rio for a couple of years before moving on again..
What have you been up to: Working and living in West Africa.
Marital status married
Spouse Anja
Children Leandro & Joanna
College/University attended University of California, Santa Barbara
Other Dear Mark,

I literally stumbled upon the EARJ Class of '85 Web Site and have updated my personal information and wanted to submit a couple of pictures as well .

Although my stay at EARJ was brief, I have wonderful souvenirs of my friends and time there.

Thank you for opening that window of memories.

Um grande abraço,

Rodrigo Nazzari