Ricardo Lauro Jardim

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Ricardo & his son, Oliver
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Name Ricardo Lauro Jardim
Address Darien, CT
Phone H: 203 656-3802
W: 212 968-4177
e-mail ricardo@EARJ85.com
Occupation International Stock Broker
Years at EA 10
School activities Soccer ( field and "salao")
When you left Rio/EA Left EA in the middle of 10th grade and Brasil in 91.
Most memorable experience at EA All of my years at EA were awesome, all the great parties that the class of 85 organized, and I'll never forget my last day at EA and not being invited for the prom.
What you did the summer after graduation I was working
Marital status Married
Spouse Pam
Children Oliver & Peter
Other Miss Brazil and my friends, there is no place like Rio. I don't think there is a better school in Rio to attend. Very happy to be in USA.
College/University attended Candido Mendes in Rio (close to the beach, reason why my grades were not so good.