Mary Katherine Lawrence

Andrea Penn Buffara
Name Mary Katherine Lawrence Lancaster
Address Bent Mountain, Virginia USA
Phone H: 540-929-4380
W: 540-580-4650
Fax F: 540-982-0980
Occupation Exterior Decorator, Sales
Roanoke Valley Siding & Windows
Years at EA From: 4th Grade To: 7th Grade
School activities
When you left Rio/EA July 1980
Most memorable experience at EA The whole experience was the best of my life, but I can remember sitting in class with all the doors opened looking out at that beautiful city thinking to myself, Wow!
What you did the summer after graduation I suddenly had to leave Rio a month before 8th grade started, I never got to say goodbye to anyone. I was devastated. We moved back to Roanoke and the culture shock set in.
Marital status Married
Spouse Bruce Lancaster
Children I have two kitty cats and a parrot
What have you been up to: I had my own Wallcovering business for 17 years and a year ago I went to work for my sisters company. I live up on a mountain in middle of the forest. I build furniture for fun. I have most of my family close by
Other Dear Mark,

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I remember you all. I am so thankful to you for putting this together. I have just been balling looking at all of the pictures and am flooded with Saudades!

This has been a wonderful walk down memory lane. I always remember EA when I hear Boz Scaggs, the US Navy band played for us one time.

Thanks so much!
College/University attended Va. Western Comm. College