Mark Engel

Name Mark David Engel
Address New York, NY
Phone H 212 889-1228
W 212 645-8038
Fax 212 645-8038
Occupation Artist & WebDesigner
Years at EA 10
School activities International Club, Yearbook (?!), O Binóculo, Martial Arts Club
When you left Rio/EA August 1985
Most memorable experience at EA Tuesday, December 13th, 1983, 10:15am, 3rd period, Portuguese class with Miss Abrantes; looking at those blue butterflies outside...

Actually one of the strongest memories I have is of arriving on my first day and getting lost in that HUGE school. I was desperate and finally found some kids that spoke portuguese playing with their Six Million Dollar Man action figure. Ricardo, Carlão & Fernando. They were my saviours and guided me to the third grade.

What a strange day it was, because of my name and my "american looks", the teachers simply assumed I should be put in the highest English class and in the lowest Portuguese class. The truth was that my mother tongue is Portuguese and I barely spoke any English at that time. Passei o dia boiando e em terror. Good memories...
What you did the summer after graduation God only knows...
Marital status Married
Spouse Anelise Engel, M.D.
Children Ariel
College/University attended University of Southern California
Parsons School of Design