James McNamee

Name James McNamee
Address (home) Ottawa, Ontario
Phone (613) 565-2182
e-mail bolimcnamee@hotmail.com
Occupation Economist
Government of Canada
Years at EA 4 (from First to Fourth grade)
School activities
When you left Rio/EA 1977
Most memorable experience at EA I remember soccer games at lunch with Carlão, Mike, Daniel, Fernando and many others; lots of birthday parties (one in this Colombian kid's house that had a pool and a beach); a school trip to a farm and another to Ilha de Paqueta. I too remember playing with the 6 Million Dollar Man action figure in the playground, mostly with Daniel Jordan.
What you did the summer after graduation I went to Peru and Bolivia, graduating from the American school there. I missed EA and Rio for many years.
Marital status Single
Other I've often wondered what happenned to my friends at EA. I'm glad to see from the bios that some of you stayed till the end. Daniel Jordan and I lived very close to each other in Copacabana (when he was staying with his grandmother). We often exchanged letters and talked about meeting again (that must have been in 5th and 6th grade). I really appreciated seeing his name and his pictures. Nice going!
College/University attended York University, Toronto
Carleton University, Ottawa