Jeffrey M. Brown

Dr. Jeffrey M. Brown
Name Dr. Jeffrey M. Brown
Nickname none...unless you count "hey you"
Address Laredo, TX
Phone h: 956-724-7817
w: 956 326-2596
Fax I wish
Occupation Associate Professor of Psychology
Texas A & M University
Years at EA 81-85
School activities sports: b-ball & softball drama club student gov.
When you left Rio/EA 85...right after graduation
Most memorable experience at EA hell, the whole last year
What you did the summer after graduation Played around in Rio.....or should I say, I was preparing for college
Marital status Married (June 2001)
Spouse Veronica Acevedo
Other Glad to be back into the EARJ fold!!!! When is the reunion?????
College/University attended BA: Miami Univ. (in Ohio)
MS: Texas A&M University
PhD: Texas A&M University