Heidi Lynn Fedde

Andrea Penn Buffara
Name Heidi Lynn Fedde
Address Fargo, North Dakota
Phone H: 701 293-5803
Fax F: 701 478-4371
e-mail heidifedde@msn.com
Occupation Art Instructor
Years at EA 2, From: 9th Grade - To: 10th Grade
School activities
When you left Rio/EA June, 1983
Most memorable experience at EA Meeting the gang at posto 10.
What you did the summer after graduation Finished high school in South Dakota, then off to MSU in Moorhead, MN to receive a B.A. in Paiting and a B.S. in Art Education.
Marital status Married
Spouse Charles Homme
Children Andrew
What have you been up to: Keeping busy with family, traveling and painting.
College/University attended Moorhead State University