Gabriella Marion Latini

Name Gabriella Marion Latini von Lieres und Wilkau


Phone H: 0049-7542-8752
Occupation psychologist
Years at EA 4 (in all): (4th+5th) (10th+11th)
School activities
When you left Rio/EA 1984
Most memorable experience at EA It was so long ago... One memory: Buying sweets through the fence in 5th grade with the 100 cruzeiros i swiped from my father, and feeling very rich indeed!!

Dissecting a cat for Biology class.
What you did the summer after graduation After I left EA I spent my last high school year in California, trying to avoid learning how to drive.
What have you been up to: Traveling, translating and having kids.
Marital status Married
Spouse Christoph
Children Maxime (3), Jesko (2) and Emily (2 months)
Other In all due modesty, I would love to hear from those that remember times together...
College/University attended University of Cal. Berkeley, USA
Universität Konstanz, Germany