Brian McDonald

Name Brian McDonald
Address Cary, NC
Phone H 919-466-9573
Occupation Web Marketing Director for the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA)
Years at EA 81-82
School activities Student Council, baseball, "Grease" stage crew, and some committe that they forgot to print the name of in the yearbook I think it was the "Pep Club" or something like that
When you left Rio/EA 1982
Most memorable experience at EA Generally trying to stay out of trouble but mostly having a great time.
What you did the summer after graduation Worked at a YMCA summer camp on the coast of NC
Marital status Married, as you may be able to figure out by the photo
Spouse Maura
Children Ava Shae McDonald & Max Connolly McDonald
Other Two black cats, you can catch them on our web site
College/University attended North Carolina State University