Carlão's Stash

Hello pessoal! Here are some pics I dug up from our past. Some are from the EA years, while others were taken a few years later. Not everybody is from the Class of 85, but.. e dai? Hopefully, as I do more excavating, I'll be able to uncover some more!     (Carlao '85)

With all due respect, if you picture is up here and you do not want it to be; or you wish for me to change any comments I may have made under them, just let me know.

New photos down at the bottom of the list!

party 1- "Adios" party for Ms.????
sonny 2- Sonny "Peeping Tom" Miccolis
SmokingArea85 3- Smoking Area's Brazilian corner
picnic 4- A very strange pic-nic
mikekiarash 5- Kiarash & Mike Engel at Prainha
big4 6- Big 4 cheerleaders
gaveagolf 7- Kiarash no Gavea Golf
marksparty 8- Jorge Pastor at Mark's weekend party
cabeludo 9- Me, with monster hair (Holy cow!!)
depoisdapraia 10- Battle of the Bands
galia 11- Galia having a drink
allison 12- Allison Marek
leeanngalia 13- LeeAnn & Galia at Praia do Pepino
hike 14- One scary afternoon!
8thGrade 15- Some 85 members in 8th Grade
Mike89 16- Mike Engel around 1989
PetraSmk 17- Smoke break for Petra
Joatinga 18- The best thing about Rio
Andre 19- Andre's snowboard blues
Kiarash 20- Kiarash tormenting his cat
CarlaoShane 21- Carlão & Shane in Arizona
DaniBus 22- Danielle riding the bus
Santiago 23- Downhill biking/camping trip (Santiago)
24- Petra outside the Sao Conrado Fashion Mall
PetraKim 25- Petra and Kim
3amigos 26- "The 3 Amigos"
mada 27- Madalena at Mark's
ccengelsparty 28- Carlao cabeludo #2
29- Danielle at Barra
30- Two funny passport pictures
Danielle 31- Danielle's pic from "the yearbook that never was"